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And now, some old school Mary-Kate Olsen for your viewing pleasure.
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Something I can’t stand is people who only run their mouths
The first Vogue Netherlands cover. I heart it! Now if only I could make sense of that language at ALL
Pang of jealousy that I missed this.. and will be missing Sasquatch. Bahhh get me to a festival! 
Is anyone willing to take a page (as seen on Gisele) and try the sequin trick for illuminating eyes this spring?
My only strategy at almost all times
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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, bitchezz!
With an obsession as serious as mine for nail polish, how could I not appreciate this storage method? 

Hair- I’ve been putting my hair through hell since the sixth grade. I used to flat iron it on the daily until one of my friends berated me until I allowed my curls to come through. I use a set of hot rollers for my hair now. Hot rollers take less time and create prettier waves than a curling iron. I’m kind of obsessed with Brazilian Keratin Treatments for my hair (but don’t make the mistake of spending 300$ for one at a salon, use the DIY Organix system!) I seriously don’t notice a difference between the two. I take flaxseed and biotin every day for my hair as well. I’ve been lightening my ombre with John Freida lightening spray— it’s much easier than re-dying. As for product, I rely heavily on Moroccan oil. Sporadically, I’ll do a hot oil treatment for my hair too.

Face- I hate the thought of putting parabens all over my face. I go through different natural skin cleansers and toners that keep chemicals at a low. I love the C Booth volcanic mud mask, similar to Kiehl’s Rare Earth mask but considerably less in cost. Say Yes to Carrots makes the best lip balm I have ever used. It’s like butter. One of my old agents once instructed me to never pluck more of my eyebrows than the width of a finger between them. I’ve followed this ever since. The slightest deficit in sleep shows in my under eyes so I combat with Clinique Repair Wear eye cream. 

Body- I love year-round bronze. If I’m doing an instant tanner, my go-to is L’Oreal Sublime Bronze gel. I mix that with my body lotion to moisturize and apply more evenly. The most amazing smelling body lotions are made by Hempz. I also like to shake up my perfume routine by occasionally using Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir body creme. Spendy, but it will take FOREVER to go through. I always like to sip coconut water & green tea during the day. When I workout, it’s either eliptical at the gym or even better, a Bikram yoga session. 

Ever too true
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Adriana Lima reminds us that beauty is from confidence, and best worn naturally. 
There is such classic beauty in a simple black dress
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Ooh baby! I’m excited for this one to come in the mail within the week
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